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Reflexology and Anxiety...

 ​​October 2016

My husband has been ‘motivating’ me to do two things. One, finally get some car stickers and two, drop leaflets door to door. A lot of my business has been word of mouth but I can understand that these are two easy forms of marketing.  The car stickers are now on and the new flyers have arrived but I seem to have a problem. I am afraid of leaflet dropping! As soon as I went out with a bundle in hand I could feel the panic rising- I remembered this feeling from when I had a brief stint as an Avon lady as a teenager. It was over before it began as I would get so nervous just walking up the drive ways of a new customer’s house.

So how do you deal with anxiety like this before it turns into a larger  issues and can complimentary therapy’s help? I personally use a few techniques. Firstly, I rationalise the situation with what’s the worst that could happen. This brings the fear straight back down because you see that the worst thing normally isn’t the end of the world. Mindfulness can be used to help focus your mind in the situation. For example, in my situation, I would feel the paper in my hand or listen to the sounds of my footsteps, I could even focus on my breathing.

My situation is a mild case of anxiety or I would say a small fear but if you do start to have anxiety or fears over more things in your life reflexology could be of real benefit to you. A reflexology treatment would work to enter you into a deep sense of relaxation. To slow down the heart rate and decrease the blood pressure. Working on key reflexes such as the brain, neck, adrenal glands, colon and pituitary gland to bring your body back to balance from the extra pressure it’s been under from your anxiety.  Your body will likely have been producing lots of stress hormones and making your adrenal glands work over time. You may be reacting to your stress with headaches or even IBS. Working with the reflexes on your feet you can start to look at the body holistically and begin to move forwards.

After thinking about it, my anxiety probably comes from the fear of rejection. That someone might open the door and say ‘no, I don’t want your reflexology’. Or the thought that all my leaflets might end up in the bin. That is the worst that couldn’t happen really isn’t it? All the leaflets in the bin and no new clients. Which, isn’t really
the end of the world is it? Here’s hoping that at least one leaflet will end up on a reflexology seekers fridge tonight!

Warm wishes


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